Telegram App Realesed

Telegram Telegram is the name of a powerful and very secure messenger that the manufacturer has recently released a version of Windows. It is very safe to exchange messages in this messenger and you can chat with Pay your friends. Focusing on security allows all your information to be encrypted and stored in the cloud, so all users from around the world can chat with this tool.

This messenger is offered in all platforms such as Telegram for fake subscribers, iPhone, Mac, Linux and Windows Phone and can be a good alternative to other messengers such as WhatsApp, which is provided only for mobile phones.

You will also be able to share the file with the desktop version. After installing the software, the software suggests a list of contacts and communication methods. When installing the software, it asks you for a valid name and number to send the security code.

With the software, you can create groups with more than 200 people from your contact list, and you can send your message to more than 100 people in the group at the same time. The software notifies you as soon as any message is sent and you will also be able to send documents, archives, music files or photos to your friends. There is also a set of beautiful shapes to send in the software.

The software is very secure and you will be able to send messages to your friends who also have the software installed on the phone. This tool can be installed on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Windows 10. Download WhatsApp PC is another computer chat program.

Telegram capabilities of Windows PC

Download the original telegram
Telegram messaging software focusing on speed and security. Super fast, easy and free. Please note that this is an unofficial version.
This program uses the powerful and secure Telegram API and is one of the hundreds of programs that use this API. Instead of downloading Telegram, we suggest you download ETA.
Using this software, you can group chat with more than 200 people and communicate with any person. Instead of downloading Telegram, use ETA, which is exactly the same as the original Telegram environment. In addition, you can share up to 1 GB of video, upload various images from the web, and send any media file you receive to others. All messages are in your cloud so you can easily access them from any device.

To increase security, secure chats are included in this software, and you can encrypt messages that only the recipient can read. An alternative to download ETA Messenger Telegram is suggested.

Telegram software is one of the newest telegram channel view for sending messages. WhatsApp-like apps that are better in detail; And this time, Soft Gozar, the Persian version of Telegram, has provided it to the esteemed audience, which, of course, is an unofficial version of it.
Due to the filtering of Telegram, the Telegram download link has been removed from the site and you will be transferred to the ETA download page instead.